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What's so exciting in tableau 2019.1 beta

We all know that Tableau 2019.1 beta is available for you to try it out. Here are the few new range capabilities I would like to mention....

Ask Data

Yes. Now You can ask a question. Tableau has enabled natural language interface with platform. Ask Data is easy to use, smart and powerful. Casual business users, and analysts alike, now have an easier way to answer their data questions without having to learn how to drag and drop.

Install Server on Linux in any Directory

With this latest beta, you can install Tableau server on any directory you wish to. If you are using a supported RHEL-like Linux distribution (one that uses RPM packages), installing into an arbitrary location is now possible.

RServe Connections are secured now

Using secure connectivity for R in Tableau server, you can now configure an SSL certificate to secure traffic between Tableau and Rserve.

Many more super features like New Data Driven Alerts View, Standalone File Store Node, Web Save Performance Improvement, etc.

!Note - These new functionalities are in beta release only. May or may not be available in original release. Sign in to and try out new beta release and fill in your feedback. Tableau is waiting for your feedback.

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