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Thanks to Tableau Fringe Festival

       A big thank you to #TFF for hosting me as speaker for second time. It was so exciting to join such a big community and sharing my knowledge with peer Tableau lovers. It was packed with 17 awesome speakers. This time it was started with my session and ended by Joshua Smith covering topics like server, desktop, extensions, APIs and many more. Very well organized and hosted – Lorna Eden, Nai Louza, Becca Roland, Sarah Bartlett and Simon Beaumont. Really appreciate your efforts in making session more lively. Few snaps from sessions.   

Do you know what is TFF ?

For those are new to TFF, Tableau Fringe Festival is a virtual conference founded by Tableau Ambassador Emily Kund and the best in it is, it’s all free. Since the day #TFF has begun, it has come a long way spreading across 4 different regions. It covers APAC, EMEA, LATAM and North America.

Who should speak at TFF and Where ?

If you are a Tableau lover, then you are in. Anyone with passion to share their knowledge with community are welcome. You need not to be a master. All you need is a step forward to speak and make your mark. Follow thefringefest(twitter) or visit to know updates about future TFF conferences. As TFF has spread across 4 areas – TFFAPAC, TFFEMEA, TFFLATAM and TFFNorthAmerica, you have the flexibility to choose the one suits your zone. It doesn’t stop you to speak in only one region. You can be a speaker at any of these .

If you are interested to know more, have a look at

Join – Learn – Share

Hoping to see you at next TFF event.

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