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Tableau Server - Sites & Projects - Know The Differences

From a security standpoint, Tableau Server offers 2 methods one can implement. One is Site and other is Project. It determines and depends on how one wants to manage workbooks, data sources, users, etc. Let us see how these Two differs and where can these be used!



Tableau Server multi-tenancy functionality allow us to create multiple sites under same instance. Site is a collection of projects, workbooks, data sources, users and groups. It’s a logical layer and content can be restricted from another site on the same instance.


Project aka Folders are a place to have your content, just like folders on windows drives. We can have nested folders too.


Login & Search

If you have access to multiple sites, you will be prompted to choose ONE while logging in. On a successful login, you can swicth berween sites using left navigation options shown in the below. But projects are just like folder structured, so you can navigate here and there.



Server administrators will be super users on all available sites. Site admins will have access to all the content under that specific site. They can only access another site’s content only if they are allowed to. But on their site, they will access everything.


Moving content

Content like workbooks/data sources can be moved online between different projects under same site. Published data sources can be used across. It’s not possible across sites, with that it’s so tight in terms of security.



Sites can have additional settings like number user licenses, revision history, etc. These are site level settings and gives more control and how unique that site can be.


Right use case

If you have internal projects and there is a chance that multiple people access multiple projects/content, it can be organised in projects. Access can be controlled using different permissions and site roles. With projects, its easier when you want to share data source of one project with a workbook in other project. Departments under same organisation, can liverage projects concept for easier user experience.

When there are multiple external clients using the platform and auditing/security is a concern, preference should be having one site per client. It removes data security concerns that client raises.



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