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Restore a workbook or datasource from Revision History

We can’t always restore complete server backup when we need a single workbook or data source. Tableau made admin job easy by including revision history option on Tableau Server and Online too. Tableau stores a copy of each workbook/data source when its published and we can revert previous version any time we want.

Check out revision history setting

Click on Settings tab to see Revision History is enabled or not. If enabled, you can see how many revisions you can have. On each site, you can have different value.

See how many versions you have

Using Explore tab, navigate to any workbook and Click the actions menu (. . .). Then click on Revision History.


If you want to restore a specific version, you can click on it and restore.

At the same time, you can have a look at preview of it as well by clicking (…) . You get options like below


For data sources, it is recommended that you download, open in Tableau Desktop and republish it.


Note – You can’t restore a workbook or data source using this method if it is deleted from the specific site.

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