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How to restart Tableau Server using TSM

                    In the background, there are many processes run to make up the Tableau Server as a single enterprise BI platfrom. Each process has it's own responsibilities in terms what it has to action. For example Application server(handles all the rest api calls, supports browsing, etc), VizQL Server(loads the actual views). If we are performing a restart, each of these individual processes will be restarted. TSM is the utility which can help us in achieving these kind of admin activities. We can use TSM command line or web UI.


Using TSM command line

--- All these commands should be run on the windows/linux server where your Tableau Server is running---

1) Login to TSM using local admin account 

2) tsm status to check current status 

3) tsm stop followed by tsm restart (To restart)

4) tsm status again to check if everything is up.


Using TSM web UI

1) Login to TSM web UI at https://hostname:8850

2)Navigate to top right where you see the status as Tableau Server is running.

3) Click on Restart to restart Tableau Server. It restart tableau in all the nodes if you have a multinode architecture.

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